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Board of Education Committee Information


The Locust Valley Board of Education relies upon Committees to conduct research and engage in Board conversation on a variety  of topics. Pursuant to Policy 2250 and Policy 6990, the Board has established the following Committees:


    Audit Committee


    Budget and Finance Committee


    Facilities Committee


    Policy Committee


    Professional Development and Board Training Committee


    Public Relations and Communications Committee


Each Committee has a Chairperson and several members, and the Board President is an ex officio member of each Committee.


These Committees meet at various times throughout the year. Unlike meetings of the Board of Education, there is no regular schedule; however the time and place of these meetings will always be published  in accordance with the law. Materials and/or agendas will be available in accordance with the law and will be distributed as appropriate and as available.


These Committee meetings are open to the public unless an executive session is convened in accordance with  the law. The public has a right to attend these Committee meetings as observers only. The public will be offered an opportunity to observe the Committee in action and attend and listen to the Committee's deliberations and decisions in a separate seating area located in close proximity to the Committee.


 These Committees undertake studies and make reports as charged by the Board, but do not act on behalf of the Board. Each Committee reports at the regular Board Meeting. Accordingly, the public may pose to the Board any questions or comments about the work of the Committee at the regular Board Meeting.


Click here for a list of Board of Education Committee Members