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50 Students are Inducted Into the World Languages Honor Society

World Languages Honor Society Holding Italian and French Flags thumbnail215629
World Languages Honor Society Members on Stage During Celebration thumbnail215630
Nikolina Kiessling Playing Guitar thumbnail215631
Students Katherine Gu and Leonard Gu Playing Violins thumbnail215632
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It was an evening celebration of foreign languages and cultures as 50 high school students were inducted into the World Languages Honor Society, held in the school auditorium on March 30. The inductees were selected for membership based on academics, service, leadership and character.

The inductees processed into the auditorium, proudly holding the French, Italian and Spanish flags, representing the language they are currently studying. After Mary Fitzgerald led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and Olivia Cody sang the national anthem, congratulatory remarks were made by K-12 World Languages & ENL Coordinator Amy Watson, High School Principal Patrick DiClemente and Locust Valley Board of Education trustee John Del Tatto Jr.

Ms. Watson explained that languages help us make connections. “Language builds a bridge from our community to another,” she said.

Mr. DiClemente noted that the induction ceremony is indicative of student success at Locust Valley High School, while Mr. Del Tatto Jr. surmised that learning and mastering a foreign language will “help them [society members] climb through the wonderful challenges ahead.”

Students Katherine Gu and Leonard Gu performed “Song from the Secret Garden,” and Nikolina Kiessling entertained attendees with an original song on guitar called “Me, Myself and I.” Officers Hope Kim, Alexander Botticelli and Tito Rivas Cruz also recited poetry in their studied languages.

After the names of the inductees were announced, officers Brett Dalis, Gia Villella and Tighe Mullarkey administered the World Languages Honor Society oath in French, Italian and Spanish, recognizing the inductees’ membership

Date Added: 4/5/2022