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A Special Lesson for the Concert Chorale


Prior to their performance with the Hofstra Chamber Choir, members of the Locust Valley High School Concert Chorale were treated to a visit from Dr. David Fryling, the director of choral activities at Hofstra University. Dr. Fryling worked with the singers on how to make an impact with their music. They workshopped “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles, singing the chorus in various styles and discussing what message each version would send to the audience. Would staring soft and growing louder prove you believed the words, “Is love alive?” or would gradually lowering the volume work better? The high school vocalists shared their thoughts and as a group they tested each idea. That evening, the concert chorale performed on stage with the Hofstra vocalists who travel to various schools during their spring break.

Ann Marie Buonaspina, Coordinator of Instructional Technology and the Fine and Applied Arts, K-12, said that learning from Dr. Fryling was an extraordinary experience. “Locust Valley students will always remember the lessons learned during this special visit,” she said. “Dr. Fryling provided insight that only he could have through his own vast experiences.”

Date Added: 4/5/2022