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Let’s be Friends

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A student reads

Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergarten students recently met and mingled with fifth grade students from Locust Valley Intermediate School during the launch of the Site-Based Team’s Fifth Grade Friends Program. The older students led the kindergartners in cooperative games and reading activities during recess, allowing them to take the time to get to know one another.

Locust Valley Intermediate School and Locust Valley Primary School Principal Kurt Simon explained that the site-based team has been discussing ways for the older students to serve as mentors and to learn leadership skills. The Fifth Grade Friends Program brings together the students who have the same recess blocks, allowing the fostering of mentoring skills.

“It is also a wonderful way to bring the two buildings together,” Mr. Simon said.

Laughter and high-fives resonated throughout the playground as the students played soccer, read some of the fifth graders’ favorite books and played the game, “What Time is it Mr. Fox.” At the end of the activity, the classes came together for a photo and to say goodbye to their new friends, who they will continually meet throughout the rest of the school year.

Date Added: 4/13/2022