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Middle School inducts 110 into National Junior Honor Society

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Locust Valley Middle School inducted 110 students into the National Junior Honor Society during a candlelighting ceremony, held in the Howard A. Schmock Auditorium on April 6. The evening featured words of wisdom and a musical interlude from student Abigail Vuong on violin.

Principal H. Thomas Hogan told the inductees that the evening was a celebration of “determination and grit” and that the trait of perseverance is what brought all of them to this ceremony. “Creativity and spirit in overcoming obstacles defines the spirit of why we are here tonight,” Mr. Hogan said.

Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan told the inductees that they are now part of an organization that holds them in great respect and high esteem. He encouraged them to “stop, reflect and think about what and who else do I want to share my talents with?”

National Junior Honor Society advisers Kelly Grassi and Jennifer Tichy then called the students to the stage one-by-one where, in introducing the inductees, read about their proudest moment and future goals. Society officers Elizabeth Madden (president), Liam Baker (vice president), Laura Warner (secretary) and Lucia Connolly (community service) lit the ceremonial candles, representing the tenets of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship, while Mr. Hogan led the inductees in the society pledge.

In his closing remarks, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham congratulated the inductees on their outstanding accomplishment. He also noted that the new society members’ “ability to balance will serve you well in high school and beyond.”

Date Added: 4/14/2022