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Locust Valley High School Honors Top 15 seniors

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The Locust Valley Central School District recognized the high school’s Class of 2022 Top 15 seniors during a student celebration and staff recognition, held in the mini theater on April 12. The evening honored the seniors who acquired the 15 highest GPAs of the Class of 2022 and the teachers and staff members who positively impacted the lives and trajectory of each student being honored.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham explained that to earn this recognition, the honorees often had to make sacrifices, be balanced, manage all their activities and studies and have an inner drive and determination. “I commend all of you for this outstanding accomplishment, and we are all proud of the effort that you put into your academic pursuits during your time in Locust Valley,” Dr. Graham said. “As you move on from Locust Valley High School, those attributes that helped you attain this honor will play a great role in your continued successes.”

Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan reminded the honorees that teamwork was essential to their success and urged them to remember the team that paved the way for each of them to be accomplished academically. “Our community is so excited to have you all on its team, and all of the other communities that you join in the future will benefit from your efforts as well,” Mr. Nolan said. “Pick your teammates wisely, always do your best, and know that we are here to support you every step of the way.”

Each of the seniors was called to the podium where a list of their accomplishments was read. The students also took a photo with the honoree who supported them throughout their tenure at Locust Valley High School.

After the celebration, the honorees, students and their parents attended the board of education meeting, where the Top 15 were again recognized and presented to the community by Principal Patrick DiClemente, who thanked those whose collective energy helped to set up the celebration. “It is a unique event, and I was so proud to be among a crowd celebrating studentswho certainlyare dedicated to being excellent in the classroomand make the sacrifices associated with top school performances,” Mr. DiClemente said.“Equally motivating is hearing the comments, appreciation, and recognition shared about the work by staff to foster growthand relationships.”

The district congratulates the following seniors: Isabella Ardeljan, Virag Argyela, Trinity Benstock, Nicole Berritto, Alexander Botticelli, Laine DeNatale, Elizabeth Gresalfi, Nikolina Kiessling, Hope Kim, Amber Linden, Katherine Matozzo, Griffin Postley, Noelle Valdinoto, Giavanna Villella, and Madison Weiss.

The staff honorees included: Eleonora Aiello, Coleen Comerford, Louis DeRose, Nadine Pacifico, Tony Perrone, Kristen San Filippo, Christopher Schmid and Alan Stella.

Date Added: 4/20/2022