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Seniors Declare Future Plans During ‘Up and Away Day’

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Pride and excitement were the predominant emotions for seniors who congregated at the front entrance to Locust Valley High School on May 3 as they officially declared future plans upon graduation.

A rite of passage, “Up and Away Day” was sponsored by the high school guidance department as an opportunity for seniors to wear college T-shirts and sweatshirts representing the colleges and universities they will attend this coming fall, as well as clothing announcing their acceptance into the military or trade school or business. The seniors were accepted to national academic institutions which included Tulane University, Notre Dame University, Florida Atlantic University, Clemson University, Boston College, Penn State University and more. Some of the local colleges and universities included NYU, Hofstra University, SUNY Oneonta, Sacred Heart University and others in the tri-state region.

Locust Valley K-12 Director of Guidance and School Counseling Michelle Villa explained that “Up and Away Day” is a first step in gathering information about the Class of 2022’s plans upon graduation. The students were handed a placard with their name, and each senior filled out the school they were accepted to or their plans for the military or a trade school. These placards will be flashed on the school jumbotron at a future date, alongside their graduation photos, for the entire school to see.

Date Added: 5/6/2022