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General Services


Parents are required to notify the school nurse of all absences or tardiness early in the day of the occurrence in the Primary and Intermediate Schools. All absences need to be explained.  If telephone contact is made, a note is not necessary.  All the requests for homework assignments must be made by 11:00 a.m.  The homework can either be picked up in the main office between 3 and 4p.m. or be sent home with another child at your request.  You are encouraged to make the request for homework when you report your child’s absence on the nurse’s answering machine.


The Board of Education believes that each student can reasonably be expected to be responsible for his/her own behavior.  The school administration shall develop and disseminate rules of conduct, focusing on personal safety and respect for the rights and property of others, to be consistently applied in the classrooms and throughout the school.  Students who fail to meet this expected degree of responsibility and violate school rules may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and more regulated supervision.

Discipline is most effective when it deals directly with a problem at the time and place it occurs, and in a way that is viewed as fair and impartial by the student.  Therefore, before seeking outside assistance, teachers will first use their best efforts to create a change of behavior in the classroom.

Disciplinary action, when necessary, will be firm, fair, and consistent in order to be most effective in changing behavior.


The school nurse performs various types of services for the children during the school year.  In addition to caring for the children’s daily ills, each child has a vision and hearing test performed annually, as well as having their height and weight recorded.  Physical examinations are required by law for every child entering grades K, 2 and 4.  The school physician will screen any child who has not had a physical performed by his/her pediatrician. 

Attendance is checked daily.  Parents are required to notify the school nurse of all absences or tardiness early in the day of the occurrence and provide an explanation at 624-3312.  Please refer to the district calendar for policy regarding the dispensing of medication by the school nurse.


The supervision of morning bus arrivals begins at 8:30 a.m.  Since there is no supervision prior to 8:30 a.m., we strongly urge parents not to send children to school earlier. Children will be in their classrooms and ready for instruction at 8:55.

Parents who drive their children to school must pull into a space, walk the child to the sidewalk and then back out to exit the parking lot.  No one is permitted to park in the spaces in front of the building until after 9:10 a.m. when the student drop-off is complete.


Throughout the year nowhere is the bonding of school and home more visible than in the physical presence of parent volunteers in the school.  Whether parents dedicate their time to strengthening these bonds through traditional roles such as being a classroom parent, supervising field trips, organizing PTA-sponsored events, assisting in classroom projects or sharing job experiences and talents, etc., all serve the purpose of enriching the children’s educational experience.

Each year, parents should be aware that there are also numerous opportunities to volunteer outside of the classroom on a number of shared decision-making committees throughout the District.  Some of these committees include volunteering to serve on a Site-Based Management Team, teacher hiring committees and district-wide committees such as drug and alcohol, technology, curriculum, gifted education, etc.  Serving on any of these worthwhile committees affords parents the opportunity to be truly involved in the quality of their children’s education.


Bayville parents and teachers participate in the national PTA.  PTA does fundraising to augment school wide programs for the children.  Those funds provide educational programs for students such as Reflections, PARP (Parents as Reading Partners), Science Fairs, assemblies, Field Days, Authors’ Celebrations and various parent workshops.

Our affiliation with PTA provides us with the most current information and practices available to help raise student achievement.

New members with new ideas are always welcome.  Check the District Calendar and notices sent home for meeting dates and times.



In keeping with the District’s initiative of shared decision making, parents, teachers and administrators serve, at each building, on the Site-Based Management Teams. This team makes decisions and recommendations about programs and issues that are consistent with the mission, goals and policies of the District.  Some of these have included the use of School Planners, the Roles and Responsibilities Document, and participation in the School Improvement Plan process.



SEPTA is a PTA unit for individuals interested in the issues affecting children with special needs.  It’s officers and members advocate for children throughout our District in grades K-12 as well as students who attend special education preschools and out of district schools.

SEPTA’s primary purpose is to advocate for the needs of children with disabilities and those identified as gifted.  Dissemination of information through meetings and workshops provides a forum for parent education and dialogue with the professional staff, to insure the best programs for our students.   


Visitors are always welcome at the Bayville School.  However, upon entering the building all visitors must sign in at security and obtain a visitor’s badge.  It is necessary to make an appointment to speak to a teacher.

All children who are not bussed to or from school are dismissed from the exit nearest the field.  No child is released unless an adult is there to pick him/her up.