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Telephone Message Alert System

To change your phone number or address for the telephone message alert system, please contact the main office of the school that one of your children attends.

Locust Valley’s emergency callout system, SchoolMessenger, has the ability to send out text messages. To receive text messages on your cell phone the following must be done:


  • Cell phone number must in the student management system for a guardian
  • Text 68453 with a “Y”, Yes, or subscribe from cell phone number


If you have received a text message from SchoolMessenger (68453) during Sandy and did not respond to the text you can do it at any time if you would like to receive text messages.

If you need to add or change a cell phone number in our Student Management System, you should call your child’s school’s main office with the information you wish to change or add. Once a cell phone number has been entered you will receive a text from “68453”.  If you want text messages from Locust Valley please respond “Y” to this text.




LVCSD staff should contact the