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The Locust Valley CSD Food Service Department is pleased to offer parents a secure, family-friendly system for online prepayments and nutrition education. enables parents to deposit money into their child's school meal plan, track item purchases, and view their child's account balance.  Letters went out this summer outlining the program and included your child's student ID# which is necessary for signing up for  If you do not have your child's student ID number and wish to sign up for the program, or have questions about the service, please call the Food Service Office at 516-277-5530.


Registering for


**** NOTE - If your child's Student ID on the letter you received is 8 characters you must enter a leading zero on the Nutrikids website when adding your child.  If your child's Student ID is 6 characters you do NOT have to enter any leading zeros. 

- Go to the district website at, and click on the link to

OR go directly to


- Click Sign Up and enter the required information.

- Click Finish to complete the initial registration process.

Add Students to Your Family Account

- When you log in you will be taken to the homepage.

- Click MyKids from the main menu OR from the blue navigation bar above.

- This is a listing of the students in your account.  It will be empty on your first visit to the site.

- Click Add Child and enter the required information. 

Please see note at top of page when entering Student ID number.

- Click Add (next to your child’s name) to continue.

- Click Add Child to repeat the process for additional children.

- NOTE:  Your child’s transaction history report will not display information during the initial account set up process.

How to Make a Deposit

- Click Deposit Money located next to Add Student.

- Enter an amount in the Deposit column next to your child’s name.

- If you have more than one child, enter the amount you wish to deposit into the column next to each child’s name. DO NOT deposit money for your entire family into ONE child’s account.

- Click Calculate.

- Click Make Deposit.

- You will be directed to the PayPal web site to enter your payment information.

- You have the option to use your existing PayPal account or a major credit card to make your payment.

- If you are using your PayPal account, enter your email address and PayPal password to continue.

- If you are using a credit card, enter the required information. For your protection, will not store your financial information.

- Click Pay Now when finished.

- Click Pay once again to finish the process.


1.      If you have more than one child in the District you can handle all online prepayments from the same online account. 

2.      Payments may be made through an existing PayPal account or with a major credit or debit card.

3.      If you use this online prepayment service, a flat fee of $1.75 per transaction, regardless of the amount, will be charged to your credit card by Nutrikids.